About Me

“Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name…”

… so there’s that. I assumed however I started this section, it might just sound pretentious so, hey… When in doubt, ask #WWMS? (What would Mick say?)

My name is Stephen. Welcome to my blog. I’m not yet sure how this page will be different than my website (though I hope people visit it, for that would be different) or my books (though I hope people read this, for that….). What I do know is that I tend to blog on the following:

  • Current events seen through the lens of books I’ve read.
  • Daily reflections, which often, though not always, have to to with my being from many places at once (read: no place in particular).
  • Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin (the greatest story ever told… bar none… I’ll fight you on this).

With regards to Point Two, I love: Reading, writing, snowboarding, cats, travel, cooking, Tottenham Hotspur, and a good literary debate.

I am the author of two books, lived almost a decade in Korea (please don’t ask which one), currently reside in the DMV with my wife and two cats and love to (if it isn’t obvious by now) speak parenthetically.

I’d love to hear from you, LOVE if you subscribed to this blog, and apologize in advance if ever I offend you (unless you are an Arsenal fan or think Colin Firth was the best Mr. Darcy, at which point you had it coming).

Til next time…



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