I have a great idea for a tattoo.  (Don’t worry, you can tell my wife.)

This idea, it has everything. It’s a mantra. It’s exotic. It’s personal. #winner 

So here’s the idea: A Korean language representation of the mantra I used during my darkest days. In those tragedy-tinged eves, I’d whisper these words over and over, just waiting for the sunrise to come. 

I’m telling you, I’ve got a good idea here. 

Here’s the catch: (And it isn’t my wife’s disapproval…) I already have the tattoo. 

It’s on my right shoulder. It’s even so old, it’s fading. 

So what’s the point? Just being cute? I really love my body art? I wish. 

No, the catch is this: While I have the tattoo, while it accompanies me every day and night, I rarely if ever live its truth. 

So what I have then is a reminder, a reminder of a good idea not realized. 


I don’t know about you, but today’s American conundrum has got me reeling. 

I’m constantly incensed, yet horrifyingly bored… I need a new mantra. 

And yet. I just can’t commit. 

I don’t even need the self-help aisle (that’s what people my age called a browser tab… an aisle). I’ve got my suggestion. I’ve already made it mine. 

I’ve already made it mine?

Ay, there’s the rub!


Something greater than myself isn’t there waiting to be had. It was bigger than me all along. 

These greater things, they require OUR supplication. 

All these years later, and the answer’s still right there. 

Follow me, it whispers. 

If only I’d heed the call.


Photo credit: https://bobstrange.com/page/2/