Today, we honor Russia’s greatest writer, and I have never been one for cakes and noise makers. Instead, I’d like to make an announcement…

6/19/2016, a journey of 18 months and 900 tweets came to an end. Has it already been a year?

As I said goodbye, I mused that this would only be the beginning. In some ways I was correct. In others…. not so much.

There have been Onegin-related posts (nine in a year), but what has been lacking is a focus.

The magic of @onegintweets was its regularity.

In the past year, the world seems to be spinning faster, and the way we digest our news has accelerated as well.

For the record, though I take my paycheck from navigating this world, I’m not a fan.

I miss @onegintweets, but no longer see that the occasional blog as sufficient. I long to interact with both you and the material more regularly, more consistently.

This would be wonderful if it were not for… you know… bills and such. But there’s a job, a life (and even the beginnings of a third book) so some greater commitment to Onegin blogging is perhaps even more pie-in-the-sky than it was last June.

For this reason, I’m returning to what I know.

On June 19 2017, I will relaunch @onegintweets on Twitter.

The format will be more fluid – I remember a time in the first series where someone asked a question and I hesitated to answer it in the timeline for fear of disrupting the perfectly presented order of my sharing of Onegin.

This isn’t how the world works, and it is not at all how Twitter works.

The @onegintweets handle will, this time, share daily posts from Onegin, but it will also host articles and other related materials as well. It may even include some discussions, though a one-way discussion is a post, so I’ll need your help for this to take place. Of course there will be blog posts, about three/chapter.

I envision:

  • Daily posts from one of four translations
  • A blog every three weeks or so focusing on the sections which have been shared since the previous blog
  • Articles and interaction

I will be introducing one new translation per chapter. This new translation will supplement three of the four original @onegintweets translations (with the edition which is to be replaced rotating each month).

Series One focused on four translations: James Falen, Charles Johnston, Stanley Mitchell, and Vladimir Nabokov.

Series Two will, on a rotating basis, incorporate translations by: Walter Arndt, Tom Beck, Douglas Hofstadter, and A.S. Kline. (Series Three may well be a showdown between archrivals Arndt and Nabokov, but they will have to play nicely with one another… for now).

So that’s that… for today at least… I’ll see you all in a few weeks.

Until then – and even once we get going – please do feel free to interact with me on Facebook. It really is a great forum for the back and forth discussing EO can bring about.


Best, Stephen