The wearing of costumes, whether it’s by a cosplayer or whether it’s by a hipster, who thinks they need skinny jeans, big black glasses, and little bow tie with a checkered shirt… You know, we think that it’s escape, but it’s also… each accessory, each accessory which fits, each appropriate accessory builds the self esteem that much more… for one person.

You could sit there adding these things onto your ensemble and feel like… There’s one more thing that makes me fit, there’s one more thing, and one more. One could see how this is a cry for help, one could see how this could be a way of desperately wanting someone to notice.

But at the same point, there must be people who feel satisfied by the level of expression which they’ve been able to attain.

We all wear costumes.

We all hold up our novels a little bit hoping that someone will notice that we’re cool.

We all send up flares, hoping somebody else might tell us that they like the color of the hue.

This is how many of us work. This is certainly how I work.

It’s amazing that we point our fingers, and – quite often – what do we criticize? We criticize things that remind us of ourselves. We criticize things that remind us of who we wish we were, or of who we used to be. We are constantly in motion.

I’m a person right now who’s unsettled with my present, pissed off about my past, and terrified about my future.

And that’s the state of many of us.

Seoul, August, 2012