It’s almost the weekend again, and you know what that means.

As game time approaches, we prepare to do that most American of things, sit back by the TV – or, increasingly, online – and watch the posturing of the good side, the destruction of the bad ones, and (always, God, ALWAYS) the post game interviews. 

Looks it’s always been this way, especially when we’re bored or in particular need of a distraction. 

(It’s even worse when sales are down.)

Sometimes it’s an old rival. Sometimes it’s a foe we didn’t even know we needed to figh… play. 

Our team is of course the richest, though our stadium could use some repairs. No worries, we rarely if ever play a home game. 

Still, it’s the name on the front of the uniform that counts, and ours is still a mighty good brand, especially in the moments before the opening whistle. 

We don’t finish so well anymore. I’m not saying we’re the Falcons, but we usually head home once the ticket sales and concessions have been counted and stored. 

The sportscasters? They increasingly say they hate us, though they lap up the ratings every time we go on offense. 

And oh the tales they tell… Hell, they’ll tell you they never like our team more than when a game is underway. 

Some might even say that we plan the schedule based on when we assume our fans might need a distraction. 

It’s business after all, and lately it feels as if the ideal QB would be a CEO, even if he never played the sport himself. 

It isn’t all perfect, of course. 

The fans, especially those belonging to the home team, are largely screwed, but then that’s sports.

For so long as the audience at home is happy, so long as they get a few hours of feeling proud again, who’s to worry about the fans we see dyin… crying on TV?

It isn’t real anyway. Is it?