We’re all so lost. 

We pack ourselves into tin carriers, heading to cities we can hardly call our own. 

En route, some read of politicians who hate us, while others zone out on animal videos or pictures of someone else’s food. 

The weakest avoid themselves by chronicling this misery on their smartphones, as I am doing right now. 

How did we float so far from the shore?

Much of how we entertain ourselves is distraction. This has probably always been the case. 

Still, in a world that has made distraction itself the adversary, many of our efforts are committed to looking past the side effects of all this other avoiding. 

We use a credit card to buy a book (audio, for who has the time?) to overcome a habit, we buy a gym membership and new dress, to overcome the organic loneliness and dating culture we can no longer crack. 

Is there a way to re-engage? Do we even remember a place or point to which we would return?

What we really need is a reboot, and the world really won’t fight us on this. 

You see, the vampires care little for what’s on the screen so long as they get to sell the concessions. 

Dream big… They’ll be sure to offer almost reasonable terms. 

And when this new idea too becomes overwhelming? Fear not. The distraction industry will be there to make it all OK… one sugar-filled, glow screen, perfect fit at a time.