This is a story about a guy trying to start a blog.

Is the lead character idealistic? Is he out of touch? TBH, I’m not so sure myself.

This lead character, let’s call him Stephen, sits down and innocently (sincerely… audaciously?) plans out some themes for his 2017 blog posts.

Music, musings, sports and books; everything that makes him him is there on the list.

He even thinks, Hey, maybe I’ll look at some monthly writing themes (it does help to flesh out a topic to write on it more than once).

On his chart – cause, yeah, there is a chart – he writes Black History Month all across the month of February. And that’s where the story takes a turn…

You see I’m just a five foot twelvish, little grayer than last year, Irish American kid. What do I know about being black?

(And for the guy who hated when the narrator of my second book went third to first, there, I did it again, because that’s why you start a blog… #ItsAboutMe)

To be certain, I have some favorite authors who are black. I have some favorite athletes, singers, heroes  and teachers… actually wait… I’m not sure I ever have had a black teacher. Even my Race and Ethnicity class (in university!) was taught by a guy like me to a class where I had one black classmate.

So what am I to do?

I think, and I have actually been crossing this bridge for awhile now, that all I can do is be my authentic self.

So, I am going to celebrate Black History Month on my blog. I am going to write the next eight posts about topics relating to black culture.

I am not, and I have written some research papers before, going to pretend that people need me to tell them who Martin Luther King or Malcolm X was (with footnotes, because I’d be insecure as hell). I’m going to discuss people I admire who are black.

A few short months ago, I was ‘aware’ enough to decide that an entire race of people should be my theme for the month… That was a ridiculous, and kinda offensive, thing for me to even think.

What’s to follow won’t be His-tory, it might be more of Their-story, but it kinda needs to be My-story either way.