At the turn of the century, a political party I didn’t choose declared itself aligned with a church I’d recently come to love.

To love America was to love this version of Jesus, or so the bullshit went.

While many rejoiced, and many a bumper sticker was sold, my reaction to being forced into this marriage was perhaps predictable: Divorce.

I miss that church. I miss that God. Both can goto hell if I’m supposed to take an agenda to gain admission to either.

I don’t like being forced… But that doesn’t make me less lonely.

While this scar remains, my reason for writing this now is that The Choice is happening again.

With Us Or Against Us may well be the most toxic concept to come out of the 21st century… But damn, it sure does mobilize the masses.

This new, alt-America, we’re told, is about keeping Americans safe, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

The issue is this: The myth of modern safety seems predicated on separation and marginalization.

Our safety is at risk because of Them. (As if any one of us wasn’t Them no more that four generations ago.)

So here we are again: Choice 2.0. Once again it’s be more hateful or be less American.

Once more I’m pretty happy to watch those insisting I choose be the ones to fall.

… But that doesn’t make me less lonely.