Name your favorite novel. 

Can you picture the cover? Remember a famous line or two? 

Where was it set? Whose dilemma most inspired you?

I imagine you smiling through this exercise… For that’s how I look when Memory takes my hand and leads the way. 

OK, just one more… Who was president when your favorite book was written? 

Not as readily available? For me neither. And what if there’s something more to that?

You see many of you, many of us if I’m honest, worry that these are times of great change. 

We fear not only that which may come, but a complete renaming of all that came before this moment as well. 

We fear our very memories are at risk, and so too then is everything which we’ll build from here forward. 

In another life, the Political Scientist in me might have wandered further with this last assertion. 

That isn’t why we’re  here. 

The boats these days, for many of us anyhow, ride upon the current a little more roughly than in years past. But if this election showed anything, a great many of us were upon choppy seas for the years before this one anyhow. 

Will our stories change over this next four years? In a way, sure. We may gain new perspective, our words may gain new meaning, but will the stories forever be marked? (Wrote and deleted “scarred” there, if I’m honest.) I think not. 

Think back to your favorite book. Was that story dated? Was it only of that other time? I bet not. I myself have never commented on a novel being Bush, Carter, Kennedy, or Reagan. 

So if not then, why now?

This shall pass. We create, and create we shall; it’s what we do. 

It’s what we must do.

The readers – who’ll visit and seek refuge within our words in decades to come – require nothing less.