You have your own voice. You possess a narrative that others need to hear.

Though never we’ve met, I say this without hesitation, for this, the spectacularization of Voice is something I feel has made us weaker.

No matter who you are, people need to know you. Actually, screw Them; I need to know your story. Full stop.

It’s in voices similar to my own that I feel the most at home. It’s in those not immediately recognizable that I find how alone I never really was.

It’s these second voices, those different from our own, that compliment us and make our uniqueness truly shine.

Those similar to us are fans, but these other voices represent harmony.

It’s the harmony that refines our range. In its dexterity, harmony makes us whole.

It’s also, let’s admit it, the harmony that gets stuck in our head. The way we play with others is what makes us most memorable.

And it’s in these memories that our words truly live forever.