Looking deeper through the telescope… You can see that your home’s inside of you

Contradiction. Just when you feel grounded, anywhere, in anything, it’s always there to keep you honest.

Not so fast. Not quite yet. Isn’t there something you’ve yet to consider?

But if up implies down and hot exists only in relation to cold, contradiction is far more than inconvenience. It’s a promise.

If what we are is a series of beginnings and ends, then only by knowing both will HERE mean anything at all.

Look afar to better know what’s been next to you all along, sounds one part astronomy and one part love song.

So if the answer is in the contradiction, how best can we find our way?

We lack friends, let’s meet our enemies.

Don’t know what to say? Let’s all listen first.

Wanna write? Why not read?

Craving a good story? Pick up your pen.