This #WednesdayWisdom comes from one of my absolute favorites: Peter Shaffer’s Equus. The pregnancy of this statement by Dysart, the terrifically troubled child psychologist, rings so true sometimes… (I’d love to know if the same holds true for you.)

I find myself increasingly limited by the way I choose to describe things. I sought to amass a collection of experiences, a grab bag of context if you will — so sure was I that these additional refinements would bring me ever closer to (being able to articulate) that which I was sure I’d always been.

Somewhere along the way however, I found myself saying No more than Yes. Once I began to know me (or perhaps as I struggled to achieve that very goal) I found it much easier to define myself by what I was not… instead of by what I might be.

For all my knowledge, I gained distance. From my distance, I gained isolation. For all my analysis, I lost access to pure experience. Today I’m…. stable (and what an acrid word, indeed). I have some money, some things, some interests and some security. For each of these I’m grateful, though each has given me something I’d miss were I to lose it.

I once longed for control, but now “I can’t jump because the bit forbids it.”

Sometimes one longs to just run free once again