Today’s #WednesdayWisdom starts with the Bard. And as is often the case, his words ring true even today.

It seems to me that more and more these days our sentences end with expressions of helplessness. ‘We can’t change this.’ ‘We can’t help that.’ Our country, our very worldviews, are so divided about so many things. The issues have been set in motion and ours is just to react… Wrong.

If these lines from Julius Caesar mean anything to us (anything other than OMG THAT’S where the title of that movie came from!!) it’s that our slavery is self induced…. at least to some degree. Now, by slavery, I don’t mean slavery in the literal sense, for that certainly does exist, but – gratefully – not for the vast majority of us. No, the slavery to which I am referring is something the vast majority of us ARE subject to. This slavery, a feeling that we must feel, vote, love, dress, BE certain ways is also a yoke that we have all become far too accustomed to bearing.

The point of this statement is not, it cannot be, to say that we should all pretend this burden to be false. The point is to see that if we ourselves took on these limitations (often over a lifetime of microscopic decisions), then we ourselves have the power to remove them.

I know these things to be true: One, I do know some who are unburdened of the need to do this or that because others assume they must. Two, Few if any of these people have always been this way. Life is a process, a journey if you will. Perhaps a little less resignation will open the doors to a new kind of freedom for us all.

Best, Stephen