Stroll into the room, look down other’s lanes.

Their lives in motion,

Yours, in moments, will begin


Beers, lights, unfamiliar shoes,

Some with an agenda,

Others there just not to lose


First you’ll need a weapon

The perfect fit, a weight just right

Elusive balance between power and control


A long stare, full opportunity

A clever walk,

You prepare to strike


Release, follow through,

A moment of possibility

Exhale, pivot, force a laugh


It’s not the strike, it’s when it arrives…

First frame: Promise

Fifth frame: Hope


Ninth Frame: Too little too late… the great What Might Have Been

Look around, absorb the glee

He seems so pleased…

With my Its Not Enough


Return, sit down,

Cheer for another

Get out of your head



You’ll soon bowl again.